Creative Meetings In The Labyrinth

part of the programme Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019, supported by the foundation Plovdiv 2019

A sequence of meetings, creative workshops and exhibitions with four artists: Ana Ventura from Portugal (‘Inside/Outside’), Sara Donati from Italy (‘Human Herbarium’) and Camila Engman and Björn Hellström from Sweden (‘The Labyrinth Of The Mind’). They all will be sharing artistic experience and inspiring participants with topics from the realm of the human body and its connection with the external world, nature and urban environment. The results of each workshop will later be showcased in an exhibition at the Labyrinth Gallery.


Inside/ Outside

March, 2019

Ana Ventura is a Portugese artist, illustrator and designer, who will lead a 3-day workshop on the human body and its relation to the outside world. 
The results from the workshop together with Ana Ventura's works will be shown in an exhibition. at the galleryin the period 7 - 22 March.

Sara Donati - Human Herbarium

Human Herbarium

June 2019

Sara Donati is an Italian painter and illustrator. She will lead a workshop exploring the nature in detail, which will result in the creation af a costume designed to transform the human into a plant. 
The results from the workshop together with Sra Donati's works will be shown in an exhibition. 

Stella Dreis

The Human Scarecrow

September 2019

Stella Dreis is a Bulgarian illustrator based in Heidelberg. In a 3 days workshop in a playful way we will dig into the theme of our fears and ways of protection. Along with the results of the workshop Stella will show her latest illustrations and projects.


"The Labyrinth of the Brain"

October 2019

It will be a workshop with two painters from Sweden where we dive in to the labyrinth of creativity. Where the exploration of the crooked road is the most important part. Where the process of working takes you in to new suprising direction, to let the intended path fade away and reveal new goals. We'll try to take a step aside from our path and find  new directions. To do this we will use/get help from the labyrinth, the city of Plovdid and the participants.